Contested Estates

We can assist you with contested estate litigation including:
  • Where the will-maker had a lack of mental capacity or testamentary capacity at the time the will was made
  • Where suspicious circumstances were surrounding the making of the last will was made or someone forced the will-maker to make the last will
  • Where there is an informal will or will that does not comply with the formal requirements of will signing
  • Where the deceased left an unsigned will or document setting out the deceased’s wishes
  • Where the will does not make sense, is unclear, meaningless, or ambiguous
  • Where the will was not what the will-maker instructed the lawyer to prepare and needs to be rectified
  • Where the will leaves assets that the will-maker did not own
  • Where the original will is lost, torn, written on, or destroyed
  • Defence of family provision claims where someone seeks provision or further provision from the estate
  • Claims for further provision from the estate under family provision legislation